A great hotel is more than linens, soaps and breakfast.  It’s the whole experience, the way you feel when you’re there, the people around you, the special touches that make you want to come back.

That’s why we make such and effort to ensure that your time here is...well, effortlessly enjoyable.

Casual and social? Or intimate and private? You choose.

East Canyon is an oasis. Our guests are looking for a friendly, yet refined atmosphere where they can relax, meet some interesting people and make a few new friends.

Want to just sit and read? You can treat East Canyon as your own private getaway. It’s your choice.

Opportunities to mix and mingle...

You’ll be treated to a delicious continental breakfast every morning. Wander down to our large kitchen, fill your plate with an assortment of wonderful foods and make your plans for the day. Linger over coffee, chat with other guests and see what they have planned.

Many guests choose to spend their time by the pool, where they can bask in the sunshine and enjoy the spectacular view of the San Jacinto mountains. If you can’t bear to tear yourself away, lunch from one of Palm Springs’ excellent local eateries can be brought to you at poolside.

...or enjoy some private time.

For many, East Canyon is a peaceful sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind, to pamper yourself or spend valuable time with each other.

An East Canyon room is a retreat unto itself — a relaxing, private space, a refreshing reward to come home to at the end of an active day in Palm Springs. Or a day spent in our full-service spa — the only on-site spa at any of the gay hotels here.

We invite you to use your imagination.

East Canyon is further distinguished by our unique “modesty” policy. We ask that you remain clothed while on the pool deck. Let your fellow guests use their imaginations. Just another thing we do to make sure that all of our guests feel comfortable.

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