Swedish Massage

This classic massage technique uses long, fluid strokes to manipulate the muscles. This method not only offers specific therapeutic benefits, but also affects other, non-muscular aspects of the body, such as nerves and glands. The result is improved circulation and overall relaxation.
60 minutes: $100 | 90 minutes: $140

Therapeutic Massage

This massage is customized to address areas of particular need. Working with your therapist, different areas of your body receive concentrated attention. Your muscles are massaged with firm, deep strokes, easing muscle pain and relieving tension.
60 minutes: $110 | 90 minutes: $150

Deep Tissue Massage

More intense than either the Swedish or Therapeutic technique, this massage reduces tension by moving, lifting and separating muscle groups, relieving pain and dispelling stress. This vigorous approach also promotes circulation and assists in detoxification.
60 minutes: $120 (partial body) | 90 minutes: $165 (full body)

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Heated Stone Massage

In this uniquely sensual massage, heated river stones are applied to the body and used as massage tools to manipulate muscles. The intense, penetrating warmth of the stones improves circulation, melts away stress, and restores balance and clarity to both body and mind.
60 minutes: $140

Aromatherapy Massage

A special blend of essential oils are gently massaged into the skin. As the oils penetrate the body through the pores, their therapeutic qualities take effect, promoting a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being.
60 minutes: $115 | 90 minutes: $145

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Dual Therapist Massage

In this massage, two therapists work in unison using a Swedish modality. . With four hands expertly massaging your body, your relaxation is increased exponentially, leaving you renewed, revitalized and refreshed. And wondering where the time went.
60 minutes: $200


In this massage, the hands and feet — home to thousands of nerve endings that directly connect to your body's central nervous and organ systems — are manipulated, promoting holistic balance and increasing natural energy levels.
30 minutes: $60 (add to any massage treatment)

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Scalp Massage

Our specially formulated combination of aromatherapy oils is massaged into the scalp. Penetrating essentials relieve tension and stress, and they are also known to stimulate hair follicles.
10 minutes: $20 (add to any massage treatment)


The perfect prelude to any massage, steam heat soothes and relaxes your entire body, leaving you mellowed and laying the foundation for an enjoyable massage.
20 minutes: $25 (add to any massage treatment)

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