- Aroma Steam Therapy
- Swedish Massage (60 minutes)
- European Facial

Your treatment begins with an Aroma Steam Therapy session. Blended aromas of varying oils soothe your senses. Under the gentle hands of your massage therapist, you enjoy an hour of Swedish massage, leaving you completely relaxed. Your experience is completed by our European facial, a combination of techniques that leaves your face looking as youthful and calm as the rest of you feels.
3 hours: $195


- Steam Therapy
- Aroma Therapeutic Massage (60 minutes)
- Scalp Massage
- European Facial with Vitamin Power Exfoliant

Aroma Steam Therapy sets the stage for a satisfying spa session, relaxing both body and mind with an airy infusion of fragrant oils. You then receive a personalized, full-body Aromatherapeutic massage as well as a 15-minute scalp massage, targeted to address any lingering areas of tension. Then something magical happens: a new, rejuvenated you emerges as our European facial counteracts the effects of too much sun and other enemies of healthy, youthful skin.
3 hours: $240


- Sea Salt Skin Glow
- Therapeutic Massage (60 minutes)
- European Facial

Your journey toward renewal starts with our customized Therapeutic massage. You and your therapist determine together which areas are most in need of attention. Your experience continues with our Sea Salt Skin Glow, an exfoliating blend of iodized sea salts and essential oils. These are applied to your entire body, leaving you fully rested and refreshed. The restorative process finishes with our popular European facial, a mixture of techniques to restore a healthy glow.
3.5 hours: $280

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- Aroma Steam Therapy
- Aloe Full Body Herbal Detoxifying Mask
- Therapeutic Massage (60 minutes)
- Reflexology
- Luxury Intensive Facial
For those who are looking for the ultimate in spa experiences, a renaissance of the self, we offer the Regenerate package.

Our Aroma Steam Therapy combines essential oils to promote deep breathing and total body relaxation. Then you are treated to a full, hedonistic 60 minutes of uninterrupted Therapeutic massage; your massage program is customized to attend to your individual needs. This is combined with Reflexology to pinpoint fundamental pressure points and dispel any remaining tension. Just as you’re wondering if you can stand any more pleasure, your entire body is enveloped in a natural sheath of healing Aloe Vera. You finish with our Luxury Intensive Facial, a blend of methods for restoring your vitality.

When it’s all over, you may barely recognize yourself. But you’ll love what you see.
5 hours: $395

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